Collective Sectors

On the other hand, the dominant narratives of mass media are those that have the largest capacities for convencionalizar, simplify and register the memory of broad collective sectors, in an attempt to build a social memory of the transition. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out dayton kingery. The transition was a process of political change that led the country from dictatorship to democracy. This process should be accepted by those who wanted the continuity of the regime as well as those who formed the opposition, in the sense that it would be a change that would open the roads to freedom as defendant. Thus, supported by who headed the transitional moment, Adolfo Suarez, the first consensus would be a particular interpretation of the past, as a prelude to the political consensus. According to different field work carried out, the current memory of the Spaniards with regard to the vivid past indicates a certain ambiguity.

On the one hand, it is thought that current Spanish society does not seem anything like that of the past; and, on the other hand, that it is indebted to the story, having not forgotten the divisions in the past and still remaining trace of the Franco era. Very approximate conclusions, offers the currently predominant media discourse, whereby the transition would be a start and thus founded a politics, a society and an administration on entirely renovated and bases different from those existing in the past. Likewise, supports the survival of elements from that past and puts the still latent fracture of the two Spains of relevance. The process of transition to democracy has an exemplary character, pride, increasing with the passage of time this feeling for the Spaniards. The absolute protagonists, the King and Adolfo Suarez, as main actors and the most relevant role, as figures that appear associated with the idea of motor or executor of the regime change. For its part, in the mass media, this presentation is very similar, and taking as protagonists of change to individual characters, in a building of heroes, and to the detriment of the collective protagonist, much more complicated to explain in a narrative.