Claims Customer

Which is the intention of the customer? To convince that it is applying well in accordance with the budget; Until it proves I oppose it its product never will be valid really what this asking for; To discover the necessities; We must sensetize; To listen with attention; To say the truth; Clearly and objective; It makes to feel itself it important; It prevents embarrassments; It satisfies it; It appreciates it; The discounting can be offence! Not verbal communication: Salesman wants: to guide, to solve, to be partner and to be to the side. Thredup wanted to know more. Salesman: Sounding (information)? Boarding (in accordance with inf.)? Information (it clarifies, it answers, question)? Action of sales? Pursuing, accompaniment Customer: Attention? Interest? Desire? Action of purchase? Selling satisfaction: – We must arrest the attention? I – To discover the necessities? D – To inspire benefits, extra? – Successful information? S – After sales What it is to negotiate? To reorganize the negotiation methods? To know well gostos previous? Important elements: Information transmitted Security; time; available? To be able of decision Why if loses a customer? 1% – Death of the customer; 5% – Change of address; 5% – Friendship with the competitor; 10% – Advantages offered for the competitor; 14% – Claims not taken care of, or disappointments with the product quality or service; 65% – indifference of the staff who makes the attendance (badly taken care of). ' ' Customer does not complain. Instead of this, exchange of empresa.' ' CONCLUSION In the corporative and dynamic world where we live, does not lack to purchases and sales, commercial, advertising and propaganda. Millions buying and millions are vendendo. It has competition between that the same products and services vendem, as well as has consumers and customers selecting those that will offer these products.

In this panorama it is possible to identify a clamorous difference between that they vendem. The same things can vender, to offer the same services, but some have much success and others fail. Which is the difference? The employer is not enough to be worried only about the qualification of its employees. It is not enough only the representatives to be you presented to have good position and good language. Also it is not enough and to education and label. All these qualities are essential and indispensable, but the empatia and the friendship in the attendance, never will be surpassed in the success in fidelizar customers.