Chronic Creature

The FRIENDLY DOMA the adestramento of any type of animal must be made thus if it does not impose for the violence. The necessary adestramento to establish a reliable bond, cannot unanimously be practised only by the command submission. Practical violent they can cause irreversible traumas. We need to remember that all training of animals is a human whim proceeding from our demonstration of being able, that it satisfies our search for domnios. It tries to imagine only per one minute, a giant or any another enormous creature trying to compel to it to make something through threats and imposing the terror and beating to it, so that you make something that not even knows what it is, because you do not obtain to still understand. How to defend of a creature so frightfully bigger whom people? Today you are the tamer, perhaps carrasco, but if you were the domado one you would be just the punishment and the violence that you impose the other creatures of God? A leadership for the volume of the voice, but for the wisdom of the words is not exerted