Thanks to advances in technology and innovation in the design, now can have more pleasant evenings by the pool in our backyard in magical nights in a country of wonders, all through solar lights floating in the water. This cute light source provides flexibility unmatched, capable of working in swimming pools, spas, ponds or lakes. It will be added to your night of jazz by the pool. It is wonderful for its appearance. It is well designed by Chinese designers. It is good presentation when it is very dark.

How much darker the floating light becomes brighter. During the day, it presents incredibly in the water, giving lots of entertainment to the pool. It is the magic of a night of partying in the pool. Whether you are going through the night of Easter with his family beside the pool, or have a stylish wedding feast in your backyard, the floating light adds ambience to your party. It shines like the stars in the sky, transforming the pool into a sanctuary of luxury.

It acts as a life preserver. A guest that does not you are familiar with your home and children can prevent falls or slips in the pool thanks to the floating light. It is bright. Its light comes from high quality LED manufacturers in China. Elegance that radiates is ultra-bright deep in the night. It is colorful. It is available in various colors, such as red, blue, green, yellow and white. So you can use more than one light that have different colors in your pool. It also has various modes of lighting fast blink, flash, slow and steady, and a rotating screen so the view never tire you. It saves energy. A hidden solar module in the field converts the light energy solar-no requires electricity. During the day the light fleet under the Sun by absorbing enough energy to feed the night light. It is water-proof. It has been revised in laboratories before being put on the market. This sealed well and is 100% waterproof if correctly installed them. It is durable. Many customers report that they are still in good condition After 2 years. But the lights of metal installed in the soil around the pool at the same time that the floating LEDs that were put on the surface of the water, are oxidized after 4 months. No matter the use or the type of wear caused by fickle weather, it proves to be strong after a couple of years. Needed no accessories or maintenance. Without any type of battery, long cables or electrical currents throughout the pool, are simply designs harnesses LED floating receiving energy from the Sun to create a beautiful glow that floats around your pool. You just have to throw them to the pool and the work is done.