Chinese Soccer

The parties of China usually emphasize by a soporific, lacking soccer of imagination and with little occasions of goal that sometimes are failed of ridiculous form. It is enough with seeing a list of ' black beasts ' that there are lowered to China to play last World-wide or the eliminatory ones of the Glass of Asia to see that something does not work well in the section of the country: Qatar, Kuwait and especially Uzbekistan, three strangers, have left bitter memories to the fans of the Asian giant. No Chinese player has obtained world-wide reputation, and although some (Li Tie, Dong Fangzhuo, Li Weifeng) have been able to clock on and off for European equipment, especially English and Germans, have not secured the notoriety that their Japanese and South Korean neighbors yes have obtained sometimes. In favor of the soccer players of this country he has to say that the sport in equipment is not the fort of a China that world-wide monopolizes individual disciplines like gymnastics, the table jumps in springboard or tennis. Generally, their national selections in all the sports have always very been far from the world-wide elite, although in basketball they have at least managed of the hand of Yao Ming to be a fixed one in the World-wide ones, and the feminine sport if many successes have been obtained. But in a country with as much capital human it seems incredible that no it has been possible to find quality soccer players, and in China as much average as become fond of they ask why to a country &quot for a long time; loco" by soccer it has a so insignificant equipment. The reason, perhaps, is in the bad situation that during years has lived its league, in which referees, players, trainers and managers of many clubs participated during years in the business of the illegal bets and the purchase of results, reason why the competition ended up losing all their credibility and until the national television it resigned years to offer its encounter.

The laborious situation of Chinese Superliga, that was professionalized in the middle of the 90, took in 2010 to the very same president of the country, Hu Jintao, to request &quot personally; limpieza" in national soccer, which was translated in police arrests that arrived until highest from the federation and the by arbitration school. Learn more on the subject from Daniel Lubetzky. Leader of this " limpieza" he is the present president of the Association China de Ftbol, Wei Di, an authentic Elliot untouchable Ness by the corruption that surrounds to him and that recognized that national soccer " intolerables&quot had been degraded until levels;. Wei even got to organize the past year confinements of the referees of the professional league for " reeducarlos" , to the purest maosta style. Also it is a country that lacks basic soccer, without youthful equipment nor soccer football in the schools. But times of renovation run, in which China wants that Camacho has a paper fundamental to generate new and young a selection that deludes. For it Chinese soccer account with an advantage, the financier: the second world-wide economy now has the money that to the West it needs, and it begins to see in the millionaire signings of its clubs. The fifth better player of the world, for example, is the Conca Argentinean, who play for the Guangzhou Evergrande, leader of the Chinese league, that in the past also had signings of relumbrn like Rubn Sosa or Paul Gascoigne. Source of the news: Camacho returns to the benches after being named new selector of China