CEO Forrest Baringer

GorillMobile Ori for iPad and GorillMobile Yogi for iPad will be at CES unveiled. JOBY extends its mobile accessories portfolio two new products that leads the iPad functionality into new dimensions. Revolutionary positioning and protection for iPads with high-tech materials and ergonomic design, which leave the hands free, provide access to a wide variety of functions. GorillMobile Ori for iPad and GorillMobile Yogi for iPad have been at CES unveiled. JOBY, which provides world famous designer of innovative camera tripods for its GorillPod product line, today two new products, which dramatically improve the iPad experience. For business travellers increases GorillMobile Ori with its ergonomic design and well thought-out protection productivity of iPad on the go. GorillMobile Yogi is intended for the users who considered the iPad as his constant companion and himself with the iPad on the couch or in bed comfortable there.

JOBY is excellent sure to uncover consumer insights and to design that way change how consumers with mobile devices interact products”, explains CEO Forrest Baringer-Jones. We started with the development of a case and a stand, which improved the daily iPad experience and allowed users a greater use of their equipment. In the course of our research, we realized that iPad users of the product in various ways themselves, depending on how it fits into their lifestyle. Two completely different, very interesting products resulted.” GorillMobile Ori – an innovative market innovation – transforms from an elegant protective cover into a versatile ergonomic positioning stand and thus opens up the true potential of the iPad. GorillMobile Ori, which was inspired by the art of paper folding origami, is made from a lightweight aluminum/polypropylene composite manufactured in Germany, which is used in high-performance vehicles. The four main modes are optimized for the respective tasks, and the stand can be positioned so that you can – watch a movie, work through a business presentation on the plane or in a Cafe writing an email ad height and angle adjust allowing for optimal convenience.