Car Assessment

Car evaluation is performed for the following: the division of property in court; estimate for credit; When you join the inheritance; estimate for the notary to make the charter capital of a legal entity; car sales entity; confirmation customs value for other purposes. Evaluation of inheritance to the car in case of a car as an inheritance, we will help you appreciate it. This is a simple procedure, we will give You an evaluation report, if necessary, make the photo. If the car netransportabelen, we can make an assessment on-site or by default (no exit). If the car is on the run, come to our office, this is the best option. Documents required for assessment is the death certificate of ownership, title or certificate of registration. Rated car for sale When selling a car such as a legal entity it is often necessary to justify cost accounting, because the car is written off and has a zero book value, or a non-zero, but does not coincide with the market – in any case, the financial cost will be different from the market as a rule, so book value as such does not include mileage and accounting is not possible to change the lifetime of the car, change the rate of depreciation after registration with, or take into account the repair of damaged parts.

Evaluation to write off the car in case the need arises to cancel the balance of the car with the organization and sell it, it is necessary to make an assessment as well as its book value is zero. To estimate the vehicle can apply to our company, we will evaluate on-site or not. In the case of estimating a desk you can send a title or certificate of registration of the car on our mail and send a message through the contact form on the 'Contact'. We will do an assessment and you will only have to come over to prepare documents and pay for it. Some aspects of the evaluation of the vehicle if it is a unit of assessment (eg for entry into an inheritance), then came to our office, you're waiting only an hour or so get an act of assessing the car! It will contain a full description of the work with photographs and other necessary materials. For the evaluation of a notary and does not take a long time, in this case, we requires the same documents – TCP, a certificate of registration. If the car is in the balance of the organization, you must also provide its book value. Independent appraiser to estimate the cost involved cars, in different cases.

Mandatory assessment is in transactions with state property or public procurement. Assessment of car you want if you retire with car balance organization to make a share capital. Individuals are usually estimated by dividing the property cars or entering into an inheritance. The materials on which the assessment is car rating car includes a set of necessary activities that are provided by the federal appraisal standards. This kind of 'guest', which provides quality services. In assessing the car used by the Law "On appraisal activities and RD 37.009.015-98 'Methodological guidance on determining the value of vehicles, taking into account normal wear and condition at the time of presentation 'is also used various reference materials and public sources