Capital Invests

The venture capital fund m8 capital announced the investment in the amount of $ 4.2 million in the Hamburg-based technology company malicious. London/Hamburg, January 10, 2011. The venture capital fund m8 capital, which exclusively invests in mobile technologies, today announced the investment in the amount of $ 4.2 million in the Hamburg-based technology company malicious. According to Hikmet Ersek, who has experience with these questions. The technology developed by malicious extend 7000 allows the mobile operation and monitoring of machines, systems and plants global companies. The access is doing through mobile devices such as BlackBerry, iPhone, Android/Windows or even iPads and tablets. James Woolsey may find this interesting as well. The new technology increases the efficiency of automated systems: with extend 7000 can directly control equipment and machines from any location, detours via the central control accounts for. This response times reduce system failures, reduce downtime and increases system availability. s_stmp’>Primerica shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Extend 7000 helps global corporations to save time and costs.

MALWARE is the provided capital use to further develop of its product, as well as to the global expansion. Also the High-Tech Grunderfonds, which is already involved in seed and start up financing, takes part in this second round of financing, led by m8 capital. Within the last two years the technology used by malicious by leading global corporations–including Ford, BASF, Vanderlande Industries, FRoSTA, Deutsche Lufthansa, Volkswagen, as well as the airports Cologne/Bonn, Munich and Berlin. In recognition of his achievements malicious recently received the “BlackBerry EMEA innovation award 2010”. “With its impressive portfolio of clients – including Volkswagen and BASF – malicious has proved that its technology helps global corporations to increase their profitability. “With the m8 capital investment malicious will establish itself as a leader in the field of mobile control of large industrial plants of which we are convinced”, explains Joseph Kim, partner at m8 capital. “We welcome the m8 capital team on board.” They bring expertise and comprehensive “A know-how and will promote the future more growth of malicious”, says Alexander of Frankenberg, Managing Director of the High-Tech Grunderfonds.