Business Academy

ebam Academy launches industry-specific business English workshops in Berlin from January 2010 the ebam business offers Academy professionals industry-specific business English courses in Berlin from the event, music and media management. Globalization makes presence felt particularly in communicative industries: event manager and Musikvermarkter negotiate with artists from different countries and book locations all over the world. Marketing and PR professionals to communicate with international media representatives, service providers and partners. Still, the leading business language is English. For the work on the international stage, professionals can from the event and media sector from January 2010 in the workshop series English for event & media professionals”in the ebam Business Academy in Berlin making fit. Practice-oriented language training is available in the five-month series with ever a course weekend a month at the Center. To do this the ebam Academy relies on listening, speaking, reading and exercises with occupationaly – and situation-related content and vocabulary. Current literature, online texts, videos and role-playing games facilitate learning.

Each workshop unit is devoted to one of the following five task areas: marketing, promotion, Public Relations, event management and music marketing. These course modules can be completed individually or as a complete package. The first chance to improve his business English, offers in Berlin on 21 and 22 January 2010. The new business language course series of the ebam Academy starts with English for marketing”.