Breathing Exercises

Therefore, we advise you to simply have the most convenient way that allows us to feel our mind "blank", ie, no thoughts, no feelings. As discussed above, one way to reach this altered state of consciousness is through breathing exercises and commented, so I advise do many times as necessary until you get to reach a state of total physical and mental stillness. Enter the dilemma of whether to stay seated on the floor, back straight, in the lotus position, or whether it is better to keep lying on the floor or on a bed, to name just a few examples, is a matter left to the choice of everyone, because as I said, the important thing is to reach the state of complete mental and physical stillness, no matter the method further. Instead, as we shall see, in the next, if there are certain physical positions that will be required to take physical and mental sensations through the altered state of consciousness. But to the above, if one believes meditation required by a traditional method, then step on to detail one of the most widely accepted procedures.

First, take the following position: Sitting on the floor with your back straight, legs crossed (Indian style), whenever possible, with knees touching the floor. The belly must stay relaxed and slightly excelled. Hands clasped in her lap, thumbs in contact, or if you prefer lying each on one leg. The shoulders pulled gently back and chest open, elbows detached from the body.