Brazilian Nation Investment

We live in an Urban War, where with very pezar we attend the day to day carnage in the transit. Competent and urgent measures will have to be taking. The transit is of all, consequently the responsibility also. The envolvement and the complicity of the Nation are the remedy of the cure of so great disaster that it abates hundreds of lives and it hinders the socioeconmico development it Country. We observe that in the conturbada one and establishing relation, the dull dispute happens: Who goes to die first? I? Or you? Conductors and pedestrians are in the enclosure for bullfighting of the accumulated one of iron and in the failure in meeting of the knowledge and the agreement, that is, in the field of the interpretation/correct speed of the language established in this relation.

We are vain of whom the knowledge, beyond opening horizontes and creating perspectives for the individual, generates investment and production with quality and amount, driving the development of all society. where the formation of the individual is considered an investment, we do not have to agree to the reality we will form Men who live and leave that its another one is alive, the defenseless animals irrationals that is part of the habitat, live and not they are made responsible by the errors of the Man, finally, the Man, who is the creator and the modifier of science, for the development and maintenance of the life, leave of auto destroying the patrimony that direct or indirectly helped to construct, the corporeal properties of the Brazilian Nation. Some profits of security have been conquered for the reduction of the consequences of the traffic accidents, through the improvement of the physical space (the ways), added the renewal of the fleet of the vehicles. On the other hand, well little progress has been reached in the formation of the conductors and pedestrians.