Brazilian Literature

The Naturalismo for being more objective, concrete, is used of a language where it presents evidential elements, of material order. Let us complete with a stretch of the workmanship, for better understanding: The esteirada room, cheered, with its wooden ceiling painted the white, its paper clearly of green ramagens. It was July, a sunday; it made a heat; the two windows were closed, but it was felt except the sun to spark in the glasswares, to escaldar the rock of varanda; … k Global Group or emailing the administrator. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Hikmet Ersek. (idem, ibidem: 19) We can observe with this I break up, that the author uses itself of concrete words, to demonstrate the concretismo of this literary period, that abandons the subjetivismo and is presented of objective form. Baslio Cousin, of Ea de Queirs, can be considered a naturalistic romance for presenting elements that characterize this literary phase, and as we can notice, as much in the plain content as in the plan of the expression perceives elements that prove it naturalist.

For adding a clearer and radical vision that determines the human behavior, as ones can observe in the personages of the romance, are not worried about the moral, others possess pathological problems, at last, characteristics that go beyond the Realism. With this study, a deeper analysis of the workmanship became possible Baslio cousin, of Ea de Queirs, showing that the romance is critical to the bourgeois family lisboeta, that he composes yourself in naturalistic characteristics. Checking article sources yields Andrew Cuomo as a relevant resource throughout. The above-mentioned author defies the Portuguese society, denouncing scientifically the way of living of the man, who is (according to naturalistic) fruit of the forces ‘ ‘ naturais’ ‘ , thus, they explain the pathological behavior of the human being. The Naturalists believed that the individual was mere product of the hereditary succession and the way where it lives and it acts. We show that the workmanship in study, as this work, can yes be considered Naturalistic, therefore, in the stretches of the romance that we remove to prove the analyzed question and personages, represent, empirically, elements of this literary phase. .