Brazilian Federal Constitution

The World-wide Organization of the Health considers the social and economic environment, the physical environment and the characteristics and individual behaviors of the person as determinative for the health, and consequentemente for a healthful life. It has that if to consider that one of the factors most important for the health of the individual is the environment where this individual lives, having that to consider the quality of the ingested, used water, the air and its percentage of pureness, acceptance for the life of the human beings, the housing einfra structures, the security, From there the Brazilian Federal Constitution, in its article 225 to have considered essential an environment ecologically balanced for a healthy life. Quality of life is a set of pertinent choices to each individual and contemplates the particularitities of each individual. Each one of us possesss different limits of effort, different available energy, capacity of different adaptation, beliefs different values. According to World-wide Organization of the Health, Quality of Life is a set of individual perceptions of life in the context of the systems of culture and values where they live, and in relation its goals, expectations, standards and concerns. In accordance with the Health department the concept of a healthful life depends on as we live, the culture, the belief and values shared in the community where if it lives. Acts that individual or collectively can result in emotional reactions as it estresse, nervousness, fear, or tranquillity joy, enthusiasm; if becoming a complex subject the definition of a healthful life, that exceeds the concept to have a perfect body In the State of Tocantins, the State Secretary of the Health, in day four of April of 2011, promoted opening of the State Week of the Quality of Healthful Life, using the slogan; ' ' Healthful life multiplies this idea, the programming had end in day 08 of April of 2011 and had been boarded subjects as the prevention illnesses quality of life. .