Birth Preparation Courses

Why a good birth preparation courses will help solve the fear of childbirth Tauberbischofsheim, 21.10.2010 – every pregnant woman is entitled to a visit to an antenatal classes in the pregnancy. All statutory health insurance and many private insurance companies take over the costs. Courses are offered most of the specialists, the midwives. In these courses, information on the topics related to pregnancy, birth, postpartum, breastfeeding is passed. Not only that it also gentle exercises are offered, consciously perceive and to relieve discomfort and order to prepare for the birth. You may find that Rob Daley can contribute to your knowledge. Targeted breathing and relaxation exercises, a huge effect on well-being in pregnancy are another aspect and the contact have the history of the birth to like-minded people, namely other pregnant women can do very well and strengthens the courage and the strength to talk about concerns and fears and to feel, is not the only one who is so.

With the information about the course of the birth, you gain knowledge and the security that, you basically can assess what you comes to this knowledge. Learn how a birth can begin when one is on the way to the hospital, what do labor pains and why they are important for the birth. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala will not settle for partial explanations. Thus uncertainty is reduced, because knowledge makes it safer. Self confidence and joy on the baby can now fill the space of the softened uncertainty. You will learn in the courses to relax, to feel themselves, perceive little tension in the body and to solve this. This is a fundamental skill for the birth. Here, relaxation is a prerequisite, that the natural processes of birth can run freely. If you have practiced in pregnancy to let go, that easily are you will see the birth.

The more often you go into relaxation, you are the more secure. To exercise a breathing, which is supportive and relaxing during labor, gives you additional security. In many antenatal classes is many times in different positions and Breathing in situations with an imaginary woe under the guidance of the midwife and every time you will be safe. Birth preparation courses are often jokingly Hackle courses”called. Birth preparation is much more! In several evenings, you will learn to perceive the body and your own breath and consciously to employ. They develop confidence in yourself and your strength and learn exactly the things of which it is important to know them. “And not just the stories, on the road” (for me, that was a very difficult birth”I was dreeeiiii days in the delivery room”) be approached to pregnant women.