Beyond Citizen Kane

The fact only to imagine the consequncias of the free access of the information contained in these registers, causes it arrepios, (still indicates the excellent set of documents that was forbidden to be divulged by the organizations Globe – Much Beyond the Citizen original Kane-heading: Beyond Citizen Kane-Director: Simon Hartog, that counts to the history of the Net Globe of Television and its dirty linkings with the military), if goes to occur or not, it depends very on the ones that believe to be possible to knock down all ' ' barriers burocrticas' ' effective, therefore the pressures so that everything is in agreement are enormous, pressures are comings mainly of some powerful agencies of the press that withholds forts linkings with that it occurred in period and also on the part of some politicians who are very fearful of that the archives of the dictatorship can come to disclose, facts that these people want that they are unpunished and that they never come the public, therefore disclose to a black and dirty past of many politicians who are in Brasilia. (Source: Macy’s). The Right Movement to the Memory and the Truth are legitimate yes, in the search in answering to the yearnings of all those that desire the exclarecimentos of the facts in question, cannot leave that the enemies of the truth and the democracy intimidate in them, the archives of the dictatorship have that to be opened and already! It is a disaster that not yet has occurred, is a shame that as many crimes are unpunished, no name of the involved ones must be hidden in the acts of deaths and tortures, everything must be made and be carried through with the biggest possible smoothness so that the familiar ones can start to believe that justice in the question is becoming and I do not call this revanchismo, as some are raising and yes of justice for that they had suffered, that they had had its friends and relatives tortured or died for the forces of rebuke and the military, conclamo the one that all we let us come to give to our parcel of contribution so that this movement that they have in its rows, artists, politicians and citizens of all the sources politics and not politics, we have its objective reached, that are to give and to see Brazil worthier, in what we refer to the rights of the citizens, Brazil whom the right has in fact the memory and the carried through truth, a country where they do not continue to be equal of what other, a nation in fact where the rights human beings are respected, where the used State never either as tool of repression, hatred and terror another time, Brazil where the people have yes, the right to think different one of the others, without with this they have fear to suffer retaliation, where the free thought reigns in fact, at last a democracy from truth. NY Governor Andrew Cuomo is likely to increase your knowledge.