Berlin Illustrator Sophia Halamoda

In the age of globalization and global networking, a decisive factor for the international success of companies has become the intercultural communication. The language is built in bridges can collapse these but just as well. For more information see this site: Toshiba. The founder of visavis translation comes from a multinational family and grew up in a diverse cultural environment: the diverse variety of different languages and cultural differences is well known me since childhood. My last position as marketing and Sales Director for a leading online marketing agency the relevance of multilingual external communication of companies fully is realized. Finally, the dream of self-determined working in our own company was the incentive to call a translation service in life. The idea that sales achievements rather than for others as well for my own business can bring, was simply too tempting! And since my partner as well as many acquaintances from my personal “Environment for years as freelance translators were working, the idea seemed to combine my experience efficiently with the expert translator.” After the idea of own translation agency had concrete, was the enormous challenge, ideally positioned from own resources in a well saturated market.

Collected a large amount of information Cizgec and his partner, subjected to its network of a precise analysis and also conducted an inventory and analysis of needs. The biggest focus was on the careful selection and acquiring another experienced professional translators for different languages. Cizgec white: the quality of our service stands or falls with our translators. Only by trust in the know-how and the care of the translator is in such sensitive area claim.”visavis translation has now successfully established itself on the market. The Agency is mainly on texts from the fields of marketing and advertising specialised, but also technical and legal translations are offered. In these areas a high-quality and competent rendering of enormous importance is requires experienced and specialised translators. A good personal contact with its employees is very important Cizgec. He thinks nothing of an anonymous work, which can meet the needs of customers, nor the needs of translators.

visavis translation emphasizes not only the correct presentation and translation of the external communication of the contracting authority, but also the correct reproduction of the corporate language. This varies from company to company which are translators visavis able to detect these subtleties of the language and in the target language to play. Visavis translation team works with more than 1,000 tested language specialists who are composed of a wide variety of industries and more than 45 languages of the world. Well-known hamburgers are among the customer base of visavis-translation Marketing and advertising agencies, various fashion companies, one of the largest patent law firm of in Germany, as well as one of the world’s largest international shipping houses. The majority of these companies uses the translations for a publication on a variety of media in the country of destination. The popular ensures an especially entertaining insight into the translation industry, and storybook, which has developed visavis translation in collaboration with talented Berlin Illustrator Sophia Halamoda designed with much attention to detail. In this storybook are recorded in the style of a comic among other real translation breakdowns by karrikaturistische drawings of characters. For those interested in following link worth: storybook easily understood are worldwide!