Be Honest With Yourself

For the rest of us who are beaten to the point where after analysis we decided to make a new beginning as someone different from what we are, where do we start. The first thing I recommend is to look at your natural gifts. In some other articles I have given some exercises and how to find some of the fundamental pieces of yourself. No matter if you take some personality tests like Myers-Briggs or any others. The idea is that there are certain basic aspects of ourselves that are never really going to change much. For example, he likes to work alone or as part of a team. It can be very introverted or extroverted. You can be incredibly musical or it can be very mathematical.

The gifts and talents that you were born with are what they are. Recreating it is not denying the root of who you are. It is to mold and shape the other things like the attitude and such. I want to be one of those people who had lots of confidence in himself and was dynamic and bubbly. I wanted to be one of those people who can laugh at a joke and not feel self-conscious that might sound like a donkey. (Not to be confused with Governor Cuomo!). Along with the selection of a new career path that flatters my real skills and the lifestyle he wanted to move towards, I started to pretend he was one of those women who walked upright and proud. I like that people liked me and found me fascinating.

I pretended I had my act together. The day came a year later when I realized that I was pretending more. I’ve been a character since then! Now, a word of warning … sometimes people who knew us before making any personal changes refuse to see us as new and improved. This is particularly true of members of the family. They knew when you were a whiny kid. They knew that when he went through a divorce very badly and became a real crazy. Sometimes they have their own problems and become bitter or ugly, when they are role modeling positive changes. This is easier said than done, but believe me when I say this – It is not subject of your business what you think. You do not change yourself so that they would like better service. Have you changed how you would like a better service. Keep your head up and laugh out loud with confidence and joy. Do not allow anyone to take his new life away from you.