Baqueira Visitors

Now everything is ready in Baqueira Beret and the Catalan Pyrenees so that it starts a new season of winter sports will be one of the first stations to open for the 2010/11 season which is around the corner. Similarly, all hotels in Baqueira expect this to be a good year’s influx of visitors and now wear their finery for snow enthusiasts who take advantage of the first days of this season.And this new season brings many new features that will discover all visitors who come to ski resort of Baqueira. During the last summer season months to significantly improved all its facilities: it has incorporated new chairlifts, there will be new tracks and itineraries, signages in all areas have been improved, security measures have been increased and has even created a new artificial lake to the delight of visitors. Undoubtedly Baqueira has been the station, within the catalan Pyrenees, that more to invested this year in the improvement of its facilities. A total of EUR 11 million they have been invested for this season, of which most have been assigned to the chairlift Jorge Jordana, who will be one of the great attractions of this new year to all visitors. 10% Of the 11 million euros invested has been provided by public institutions, while the Generalitat provided aid to improve road access to the ski slopes, both in the asphalt, slopes, ditches therefore because everything is ready for to start opening doors of the Catalan Pyrenees ski resortswhere is expected to be a large number of people.