Ayzit Bostan Designer

“The Munich shoe label is in the framework of the Berlin fashion week some design collaborations realize designer for tomorrow winner, Alexandra Kiesel Alexandra Kiesel, with her collection modular individualists 12/6/24” in July 2011 the young designer Award for tomorrow “won by peek & Cloppenburg, presented their first collection a shoe line tuned by selve. The individualism by module principle is also a central point and take to the selve models Sophia created exactly the nerve of the designer, the nine variants for their show. Designer Alexandra Kiesel is enthusiastic: these shoes have become so perfect, that would I really never dreamed. I haven’t seen as yet the combination of classic pumps and the fantastic work of the artist… (Source: Hikmet Ersek ). Ayzit Bostan further cooperation enters selve with the Munich-based designer Ayzit Bostan: the classic Chelsea boot in an elegant reinterpretation.

Berlin fashion week there will be an exclusive launch for these shoes in the concept store F95 on the morning of 19 January Type event where also the designer is present. Shoe dreams come true – not only for designers at selve, a label that specializes in customized clothing production and mass customization. Because anyone can be here from hundreds of models, materials, dyes, paragraphs and applications the perfect shoe creation.. Go to amit paley for more information.