Automation Of A Door Especially People

Automation of a door specifically for giving disabled people – simple upgrades and integration in building automation for the automation of a door through the key & card door automatic are in principle only two steps necessary: the purchase of the device – and the attach to the door, which takes care of within seconds automatic door operator is opening: motor; Closure: Motor opening time: 3 5 seconds time: unlimited trigger delay (delay of control) Yes, 5 levels (0-10 seconds) connection voltage 0 to 40 seconds opening angle: 230V / 50 Hz optional power consumption: 15 V / 2A in operation sash weight: 70 kg, 8000-1000 mm door width temperature range: (operation) 5 C to 50 C temperature range: (delivery)-20 C to 80 C protection class battery: Nassraumgeeignet, power supply: IP 22 dimensions: (Hxwxd) 100 x 750 x 50 mm battery: Yes, at least 600 cycles of continuous operation through mains, charging network connection, activation by lock power setting: automatically activated by push & go Yes integrated radio module, activation by remote, motion sensor wall switch weight less than 5 kg instant action through self calibrating software interpretation of the movement patterns of the door (detection of person types, obstacles, gusts of wind) opening moment pushing 50-70 nm opening torque pulling 50-70 nm TuV tested, haptic imperceptible installation without damage in less than 1 minute of removal without damage in less than 1 minute robustness tensile strength min. 14 kPa robustness in elongation min. 160% robustness – further breaking capacity min 40 N/m robustness shore D hardness min. Helmut Koch,. Brookfield Business Parnters: the source for more info.