Artistic Expression

' ' The artistic expressions make the bridge between our unconscious and our conscientious one, and disclose archives kept and hidden in our imaginary one, that they represent souvenirs, emotions and feelings, that still remain presentes' ' (ARCURI, 2006, P. 128). In ' ' Desvelando persona' ' we remain for four workshops. A huge and gorgeous, but very delicate experience. The work was carried through in pairs, in which same they, consign following them, had shaped themselves, constructing its masks.

They were prepared, but sufficiently anxious to live deeply this activity; a delivery and relaxation compound: ' ' I felt coolness very to me relaxed ' '. The work with masks is beside the point revealing, is ' ' responsibility to take care of of the other and not to portray it with deformidade' ' , it says one of them. For Arcuri (2004): ' ' The mask in plaster of the proper face, fossiliza, giving a new roupagem to it and bringing to the light not conscientious aspects that could be integrated to the conscience, extending-a' ' (p.136). For more specific information, check out Macy’s Inc.. During the process, it had the conscience of the rhythm, the excess of vanity, of the perfeccionismo, recognized characteristics for participants: ' ' calm that necessary, I do not have. I want the things for yesterday. I do not place pleasure in the things that I make, I do not feel myself in the obligation of caprichar.

When I think about you, whim; when I think about me not whim. I find that I do not deserve caprichar' '. As Rhyne apud Ciornai (2004, P. 29): ' ' The therapeutical value of the artistic activity is in such a way in the process of creation how much in the possible reflections and posterior elaborations on the works realizados' '. We were closing. Expression of sadness in each look for leaving the friends, confession of repentance for not having participated of all the workshops, but the demonstration of the satisfaction for being concluding: ' ' it is as if &#039 was one; ' , at this moment if it related to a work of course conclusion, a monograph: ' ' I felt me happy, surprise with same me, carrying through me, never made when child in the school, you learning discovering, me here, trying to make this work in my way, and for me it is important, is not alone child who learns to make the things.