Andreas Nicholas

One possibility is the regular laboratory analysis of engine oil to prevent damage. But who can regularly take oil samples of his vehicle and send it to a lab? Apart from the relatively high costs, this way for the final consumer as well as for the few specialised laboratories on this scale is not possible. An alternative to the large”oil laboratory test the FluidAnalyserprodukte offer. A test method based on the chromatographic principle allows to check the condition of the engine quickly and inexpensively. A drop operation warm oil is sufficient to the test. This drop on a special paper shows an image after a few minutes. This picture is divided into several rings and, depending on the condition of the engine oil, various colors. Check out Andrew Cuomo for additional information. Through the Comparison with the reference pictures in the supplied evaluation form a clear result emerges even for lay people quickly. The car experts Andreas Nicholas advises before the initial use of E10 fuel making a FluidAnalyser test, after some 100 kilometers a further to determine possible changes. Because the test medium by FluidAnalyser is archived, can be compared easily”, so the experts Nicholas. A tentative Herantastung on the E10 compatibility is strongly recommended, especially for certain types of vehicle; I can only guess at the slightest change you will find as soon as possible technical assistance”he added further. Finally, one can only hope that the Government and the oil industry will find a friendly and especially end-customer-oriented solution. Information about the quick test for motor oil get on: author: Martin Loris