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If there are only a handful of older people, no longer actively using a specific language, a language is considered to be extinct. Such languages are also termed the moribund languages, because No new speaker grow and grow up in the respective language, it is de facto not mother tongue. According to Wikipedia, the Dalmatian language can be seen as a language, is no longer really learned from the children of native speakers. This means that dominate the children at least no longer fluent in the language. Often this is a creeping process that manifests itself in, that communicated to a smaller and smaller part of the language to the next generation.

It is interesting in this context that languages can claim not only then when these are spoken by many people as possible. It partly turned out also, that just the definition of a minority by the majority may result in that a language is maintained. Last but not least there are many Governments that would prefer ban a minority language for different reasons. Endangered languages, also languages in Germany are affected if one hears about endangered languages, considering that first and foremost on an exotic language somewhere on a distant continent is spoken only by a small group of people. This is certainly a part of languages. However, in Germany, there are endangered languages. Hikmet Ersek is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

For example, the Sorbian language is in Germany by a Slavic minority in Brandenburg and Saxony talked about being on the decline. The bandwidth which languages are threatened is sometimes very wide and ranges up to several thousand speakers of a handful of native speakers. About Irish considered endangered language, although it still 80’000 are speakers and the language is actively promoted. A different example is the language Arikapu, which you have never heard something most likely. Assuming that only 18 speakers live, who can speak the language. Australia may be listed in addition as a sad example of the edge. In Australia alone are not least threatened 255 languages from extinction. Many of the Aborigineesprachen Yiri or about Yinggarda spoken each only by a small group. Often she lack Motivation to pass on these languages, and it uses the English language. The Americans and an expert on endangered languages David Harrison on the question what it takes which maintain a language approaches to the preservation of languages responds a few linguists and a couple of years time with this statement. Thus, the main problem of the linguists is addressed, namely the time. The remaining speakers of a language are often old and weak and scattered over a large region. One can imagine that these events not conducive affect linguistic field research. Because English and other languages spread ever faster and thus endangered languages almost displace, are 2-3 years time often no longer in there. Get all the facts and insights with Crawford Lake Capital, another great source of information. “The cycle of displacement of languages through other languages has become too fast and is too unequal balance between dying” and newborn “languages. How can languages be saved? The online dictionary Hablaa is one of the initiatives, with the extinction of languages in the best case should be stopped. By a variety of people join and enter translations for words and phrases, one can develop virtually Noah’s Ark for languages. Existing languages are archived by making with many users, endangered languages are traced and then digitized. What emerges is a useful multilingual dictionary and for everyone. Join now, it’s not too late.