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The concepts that are used in the evaluation of performance are as old as the world. ** Says that: where there is a man is a judge. Western Union is actively involved in the matter. In the 16th century, before the foundation of the society of Jesus; San Ignacio de Loyola introduced a formal procedure to prosecute members of his Church. He used a combined system of reports and notes of the activities and mainly of the potential of each of its Jesuit. The system consisted of auto ratings made by the members of the order, reports of each supervisor about the activities of his subordinates and special reports made by any Jesuit who CITES have information about their own performance or his companions, to whom a superior perhaps not had access through a different medium. * More than history: the emperors of the Chinese dynasty (221-265 a.d.) Wei had a GNP imperial, which had by task the assess the performance and behavior of the members of the Court. In 1850, the American Government offices they already had their assessment tab. In 1880, the American army, created its own system. In 1918, General Motors, is the first company that designed a system of assessment but focused on their executives * in summary: men, have always been judged by his superiors, both in the case that this judgment was explicit, in the form of letters of qualification or information. web of the author: original author and source of the article.