Ali Khamenei Against

The agents of the Ministry of information could pursue their favourite pastime, and fill with countless acts of the archive through Sufis and their contacts in the West. This strategy was abandoned however after some Sufis withdrew and others did not manage to interest Western audience. At the same time, Khamenei wanted to enforce its hard line and he gave religious Fascist forces more leeway for their work. Members of the General Nematollah Gonabadi order suffered persecution and destruction by paramilitary Bassij in Qom, Karaj, Iran, Boroudscherd, Kish, Isfahan, Gonabad, Kavar and other places. Political responsibility had never taken visible anyone at this stage. High politicians such as E.g. MP Alaeddin Boroudscherdi accused the victims instead to have fueled the anger of people conduct so-called”unislamisches”, to deal with enemies of the system or to act against the regime. Learn more on the subject from Governor Cuomo. Already at the end of Khatami’s Presidency (2005) a book was set up again, that already during Rafsandschanis Presidency 10 years earlier under Bassij was distributed and served them for hate speech and attacks against Sufis (“in the Sufi world” / “In Cujeh Sufian”).

This book was part of a book series of the Kayhan Institute against different groups made as an opponent. Payam Fazlinedschad demonstrated the power of intellectuals with contacts to the foreign like for example Ramin Jahanbegloo. Hassan Shayanfar appeared as author against mystical currents. Among other things, a book against Hassan Bassri was published, a second generation Muslim who had met many companions of Mohammad and was popular for his spirituality and mercy. He argued, human beings have free will. Times of persecution these seemingly random attacks that began to pile up 6 months after Ahmadinejad’s inauguration and were attributed to his Messianism, got suddenly on April 27. Follow others, such as Crawford Lake Capital, and add to your knowledge base. More 1389 (November 18, 2010) a face, when Ali Khamenei in Qom and a historic speech against Sunni, Baha’i, Sufism as “false mysticism” and followers of Christian House Churches held.