Addiction Disease Suffer

Alcoholism has adopted alcoholism, as is clear from numerous press reports, the new, old scourge of mankind in the last few years in proportions frightening Germany. Bearing in mind that approximately 2.5 million alcoholic people live in Germany, shows how important it is to this subject objectively to deal with. A glass of wine for dinner, a beer after work end, a glass of sparkling wine for the cycle relaxes alcohol in small quantities, raises fears and promotes sociability. However, the addiction starts insidiously and for the affected hardly recognizable. Because the drug alcohol is socially accepted, many in the vicious circle of addiction not recommended.

The addicts but is often stigmatized, it is but often viewed as a weak character, uncontrolled human. Therefore, it seems appropriate to briefly the history and the meaning of the term addiction to deal with, to make himself aware that addiction is a disease that is due to an internal drive. Hear other arguments on the topic with Rob Daley. Since the 16th century. Century was the definition for phenomena that are attributable to a pathological drive, however, used was popularly incorrectly refers to the word search made. At the beginning of the 19th century the definition introduced in medicine drunkenness (but as suffering and truck), it was however a physical illness held. In the 20th century, then with the Medizinisierung and medialization of the addiction was followed by word meanings such as dependency disease or addiction.

As currently the press, not is it alcohol abusers so prowlers without fixed abode or without social ties to people who have lost all inhibition, screaming around or beat. Rather, addicts in every layer of society are to find. Alcoholism is a disease, genetic, biochemical, and psychosocial causes underlying the de facto. Often is that there are an addictive personality – what is negated in the Alltagsverstandins mistakenly assumed, needs to be. However, clearly characteristic patterns in thought, experience and action exist of addictive personalities.