Acrobatics – a sport that combines many of the physical exercise. The word "acrobatics" in Greek means "to walk on tiptoes, climb up." Even in ancient times was called acrobats strong, clever people, fluent in its body. For a long time been the scene of acrobats town squares, stage exhibitions and booths. Then migrated to the circus acrobatics, where the artists were doing at that time complicated tricks. When a flip (A somersault in the air with a springboard Snap) thought exercise the highest difficulty.

The full name of his somersaults, translated from the Italian-fatal jump. In 1888, in Russian newspapers published sensational post-circus artist world's first double somersault performed without the aid of Snap shells. This jump was a performer, and only in 1912, his son repeated Sosina-Alexander. It has been two decades until a double Flip has managed to make the Soviet circus artist D. Maslyukov. In the 30's. in our country there was acrobatics. The exercises in this sport can be divided into jumping (coups, somersaults, flips), and movement, which are based on preserve its own equilibrium and balance partners.

Competitions acrobatics performed on the following types: acrobatic jumps (both men and women); exercises mixed couples (man and woman), men's doubles exercises, group exercises for women, men's group exercise (three or four), trampoline (women and men). The best Soviet acrobats perform with the same success at the world championships, both in acrobatic jumps, and in group exercises. Especially the great success achieved in the Soviet acrobats male group exercises. Yu Zolotov, S. Vildanov, Vl. Slepokurov and Al. Makarov has twice won the world championships. B. Bindler first performed a triple somersault. Acrobatics included in the training of the skaters, hockey players (especially goalies), jumpers jumping, gymnasts. Systematic training in acrobatics develop the precision movements, flexibility and balance. Start doing acrobatics necessary as soon as possible – from 5-6 years. Simple exercises – somersaults and upheavals on the mat, you can even earlier. Encyclopedic dictionary young athlete, 1979 Archive Publishing House 'Helion'