Boutique in Burglengenfeld relies on strong brands and individual service BURGLENGENFELD, November 2009. More space, more light and a greater range. And now there are also a new Web site. “With a lot of momentum and ideas start Karin Fischer and” ego fashion and shoes “in Burglengenfeld in the fashion-winter, which is stained”. At the address, Fischer presented not only an insight in your selected range.

Rather it comes the owner also to convey “Our philosophy and a private life”. “ego fashion and shoes” in Burglengenfeld presents a selection as modern as classic fashion that not must be comparable with sale in major cities in the supposed province since the renovation on an area of 80 square meters. “The handwriting of the range must be”, Karin Fischer is convinced. And she agrees. Clothing, shoes, bags, jewellery and accessories of selected brands and this advice and service from professionals. Karin Fischer store not named “ego” without reason. “Every woman is different.

With their fashion tastes, it underlines its own character. Source: Jeff Verschleiser. And we want to help. We persuade anyone to buy a piece of clothing. “It simply must fit to the body and to the woman”, says Karin Fischer. Strong brands such as Marc Aurel, turnover, Bottega Veneta, 0039 Italy or Orwell pants & style guarantee for quality and fit. The same applies for the shoes from Clarks, K & S, Geox and Puma. “The offer must agree”, white fishermen. Because: “many women in our region place great value on a well-groomed appearance and have high expectations when it comes to fashion. “And they often know what they want: A reasonable price and the best quality of materials, workmanship and design.” In addition at the customers of “ego fashion and shoes” the desire for an individual touch with the grassroots awareness that fashion in everyday life must be portable. A claim that the is Karin Fischer with the enlargement of her boutique in the future want to make more. ego – fashion and shoes: on an area of 80 square meters there in Burglengenfeld not only clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery and accessories of selected brands, but also advice and service, which is capitalized at the Regensburg road in open friendly ambience. Press contact: ego fashion and Karin Fischer boots Regensburger Strasse 36 93133 Burglengenfeld Tel.: (0 94 71) 9 80 32 fax.: (0 94 71) 9 80 52