\”The Ricoh Company Ltd. (CEO Shiro Kondo) is the ‘ Copenhagen communique on climate change\” support. Is an initiative for the early establishment of framework against climate change in the run-up to the United Nations climate change Conference (COP15), which will take place in Copenhagen in December 2009. The press release was from the \”corporate leaders group on climate change\” tabled (CLG), an organization that was founded by the Prince of Wales and is administered by the University of Cambridge. I still firmly believe that we are still in a position to solve the problem of climate change by 2050 using the insight and participation of all people in the world. 2005 Ricoh set up a long-term plan to protect the environment by 2050, to support to this position.

In March 2009 we set up medium – and long-term emission reduction targets, according to which greenhouse gas emissions until 2050 to 87.5% should be reduced as well as 2020 by 30% in the entire product life cycle, compared with the year 2000. The latter provides a Reduction of 34% in comparison with 1990 dar. Ricoh aims to achieve these goals, but also by contributing to an exemplary conversion in society and the economy not only by accelerating the development of environmentally friendly technologies. We call the 21st century\”this conversion which environmental industrial revolution for, explains Shiro Kondo, CEO of Ricoh Company, in connection with the Copenhagen communique on climate change. Summary of the communique are the basic proposals of the Copenhagen communique on climate change: limiting the average global temperature increase to less than 2 degrees Celsius compared with pre-industrial levels. This global emissions may no longer rise and decline rapidly in the next decade. Any delay could have serious consequences. Developed countries must commit to immediate and comprehensive reductions of greenhouse gas emissions, which are far above the global average.