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focuses on electronic signatures. These are the prerequisite for the legally compliant archiving of clinical documents according to German signature Act. The VOI Forum provides a central point on the DMS EXPO, when it comes to information, how ECM can contribute to the optimisation of processes in the hospital. So that gives competence center post […]

Digital Group Smarty

When writing materials used by Smarty Manual of New Digital Group Smarty – is compiling template engine. Pacific Gas & Electric often addresses the matter in his writings. In simple language, Smarty allows for separation of application logic and data from the presentation, ie code from registration. It is very convenient, especially in cases where […]


Note: It prefers if it, it can export the file locally and soon to copy it. regedit/and ” RemotePC C $ vncdmp.txt ” ” HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Software ORL” PsExec uses to concern the file of registry in the remote PC. PsExec RemotePC-s-i-d% windir% regedit/s C: vncdmp.txt Asegrate to use modifier /s with regedit so that the […]

The Top

* Flat warts: Flat warts usually appear on the face but can also occur in other parts of the body such as arms, hands or knees. They have flat tops and can be pink, light brown or light yellow. They tend to grow in clusters, as many as 20 to 100 at a time. Flat […]


(As noted above, the explanations and phenomena inhabit different worlds that do not intersect). Each person will explain the same phenomenon differently, because we do not explain the phenomenon but our experience, as seen in the example. Also, the explanation of something depends on the type of questions that pretends to explain. The explanations have […]

Executive Chairman

Washington and Beijing have their differences based perhaps on the following points, namely: a) the multi-billion weapons to Taiwan, b) the revaluation of the Chinese currency, and c) the reception of the Dalai Lama coming from Barack Obama, Executive Chairman of the U.S.. You may wish to learn more. If so, HPE SimpliVity is the […]