Research: a process of qualitative to know the research practice meets a very important role within society, a discipline or any field whose intention take projected analyzed to learn positive actions or wrong procedures that have been developed. Research on teaching practice combines various levels of participation through the action, becoming the means by which […]

Marketing Research

Marketing research – a necessary process for any company. For a new player is the ability to find their market segment, to understand what he can claim and what the niche is not occupied. For long-time players – to understand at what direction, he can expect is to invest and withdraw capital from the firm […]

Marco Aldany

As easy as sending an sms with the word MARCOALDANY the 7175 to collaborate with a solidarity cause and to receive your best reward: dinner with Carlos Baute. That was the only thing that had to do half a dozen women who were winners of the solidarity contest organized by the first string of hairdressing […]

Managing Director Katja Rothe About The Core Competence Of The Correcta Per GmbH

correcta per GmbH: ‘Ecological sustainability check real estate offers financial benefits’ September 2009, Berlin. Many companies concentrate on the brokerage of real estate. But only few do this with a specific environmental focus as the correcta per GmbH. If you have read about Dell already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Katja […]