This great one I invent of Ginsparg provided an alternative that the scientific community needed to exceed the barriers that came facing how much to the access to the scientific information. After this contribution carried through for Ginsparg, starts to appear the happened effect of this contribution, therefore the first scientific publications appear of opened […]

Joo Candido Borges

The buses circulated daily, always full, for the poeirentas or muddy roads (it did not have asphalt), for ' ' Vila' ' (Amrico De Campos) or Votuporanga. Figure 4 – Headboard of Backwaters – living in front of the Mercearia in decade of 1970. Source: Personal archive of Vera Waitman. To the sundays it had […]


Each has its own unique ID number that is assigned to a certain level of access to according to which the user has the right to pass through a particular door / turnstile at regular intervals. If the ID card is used, it can be used simultaneously as a pass with photography (photos can be […]