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No need to go to a theme park for being able to live in peace with others, this is possible in the real life if we are aware of a time not good of nothing being in war with brothers fighting over a piece of land, discuss which of our gods is wisest. However this […]


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The term of congenital Glaucoma low congenital glaucoma are considered a series of diseases, the majority of hereditary origin, characterized by an eye abnormality responsible for an increase of Intraocular pressure (PIO) birth exist. The most frequent congenital glaucoma is primary congenital Glaucoma (50%), but is, however, an exceptional disease. It is not something Hikmet […]

Nazareno Andorno

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Nazareno Andorno musician and conductor Nazareno Andorno, next to the most great figures of music Uruguaya – as Ruben Rada, Santiago Tavella, Quartet of us, Alvin, Malena Mulaya, Valeria Lima, Walter Zeinal, left-handed Bessio, and the slim Fata, recorded the theme song official and representative of the Foundation entitled celestial imagenes Gol cry, theme composed […]


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The solution It is the reconstruction of images and sounds close to averse stimuli. The sin of misattribution. For more specific information, check out Seth Fischer Hong Kong. I’ve been here before, but I don’t know when or how, are imprecise details that feed a memory of misattribution. Sometimes we remember things that have not […]


Miguel Carmona Shall

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Miguel Carmona shall not invoke its objection by friendship with the judge and said that the controversy is sad the vocal of the Council General of the power Judicial (CGPJ) Miguel Carmona announced today that it has no intention of presenting a letter of allegations relating to his objection to the debate on the possible […]