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The discount of you will pay by means of endorsement the Discount of promissory notes and of change letters, it is a process by means of which, it is anticipated, by means of a financial organization or private company designated by Mediatoris, the noun of the change letters or promissory notes that are endorsed to […]



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While we believe in them, we also live based on them. Therefore it is important to us is drawn to pay attention to their thoughts, the thoughts that are around in your head and see how they have to live the life of a friendly, confident and optimistic way or live life with fear and […]

University Stadium

Posted in News on October 28th, 2017
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Thus, as a University Stadium, which would also help with sports activities, stadium that guarantee income knowing him as the UCV manage. The new authorities must restructure the functions of the Department in charge of public relations and make it more participatory, operating, according to know the opportunities that are generated with respect to partnerships, […]

Wear Diesel

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In the transition from heavy fuel for diesel fuel is necessary to gradually cool the equipment, reducing the temperature of the fuel valves to close the flow of heavy fuel tanks and valves open tank of diesel fuel after heating the entire fuel system to stop. To improve lubrication is recommended when transferring diesel fuel […]

Funds Of Investment Boring And Complicated For Nothing

Posted in News on October 21st, 2017
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If you thought that speak or have some kind of relationship with the investment funds was the most boring or complicated to save or do something with your heritage, you are completely wrong. Investment funds are in fact the alternative method of saving more easy and simple to follow, so much so that even young […]


Particular Institutions

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The work market today aims at the quality, 5Ss. is a faithful collection in the work market, the company who does not reach the Stamp of quality is of the work market. It still has few vacant offered in the public UNIVERSITIES, therefore few pupils of the public school. The Government through the public politics, […]

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On May 01, 2009, is the free exchange of order for entrepreneurs, professionals & professionals at the start and client to invites to write projects and assignments! DuSSELDORF, may 1, 2009 the interactive Freelancerportal, after its prelaunch on April 1, 2009 as foreseen in the 2nd beta phase launched. After so far several […]

Rehearsal Room Facility

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Seminar April 23, 2010 from 7: 00 in the rehearsal room Centre Stuttgart starting from the motivation – why it’s important to hear, well is inferred the target due to some acoustic basics – how to achieve a good and healthy sample sound. A prerequisite is the correct use of the equipment. Also some theory […]

Financial Groups

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Surely you know much about investment funds since lately people talk much about them and you can find information by all parties but, what are the financial groups? Here I bring you a little information to get you out of doubt. Basically the financial groups are responsible for operating your investments. Investment funds are the […]


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It does not advance, the SELIC already entered for unconscious collective the national one. It is almost as ' ' the belly of the Ronaldo' ' or ' ' linfoma of ministra' ' , to each meeting of the COPOM alone if it thinks about this: in how much the SELIC will be fixed? The […]