Education: Computer Science

To speak on computer science in the education is at the same time and to correspond to the necessities of a informatizada society, but with an index of absolute info-exclusion. It still has much euphoria popular, and exactly intellectual, around the Internet. The social changes produced and foreseen because of this, if do not arrive […]


Vantargis group is a new partner of the financial network of Munich, 17.01.2011 – the Vantargis group is now new premium partner of Bankingclubs, the leading network for the financial industry. The Vantargis is a high-growth capital for alternative financing in SMEs. Through various solutions, such as for example leasing, factoring, or sale-and-lease-back the financial […]

Sales Strategies In Online Marketing Internet

Sales strategies in online marketing. The new opportunities for developing e-commerce and e-business have led the agencies to combine traditional marketing with new online marketing strategies. The birth of new possibilities for developing e-commerce and e-business has taken a turn in the strategy of the agencies, which now combine traditional marketing with new online marketing […]


Do you sell a product of low or high involvement? Is its market composed by people or organizations? Such persons or organizations are final consumers or are transformers or intermediary? When we speak of final consumers type people and are evaluating the purchase of a good or service of high involvement (ejm. The purchase of […]

Internet Sales

One of the fulcrais points of any business of restoration or sales is the box. The registadora box is for where the money and where sales finally is materialize. As such, the ability to process sales and money efficiently is essential for the company. Perhaps if its company already possesss a good volume of sales […]


This specialized powerful software that is placed on one or more separate (dedicated) web servers, that 24 hours a day only address problems associated with mailing and handling problems for customers for this service. Try to pitch to 20.000 subscribers in most of the traditional virtual servers hosting and you immediately arises a lot of […]

Community Members

On the other hand, profits per month are limited. So that she can since the beginning of this scheme on the best result with + 20% and the worst”profit + 12% dividend look back. And the registered members will receive a double-digit dividend also the fifth consecutive year in the summer of 2011. Principle must […]