Internet worm “Koobface” in different versions on the road after the local city-customer service hotline and the chargeable premium rate helpline of the cohesive media PC Service ran hot turns out soon what was behind it: private as well as business customers have infected with the Koobface currently in circulation. The best known variant is an invitation by mostly unknown with the note on a youtube link to click, to see which one would. After a fake youtube ‘ page prompts you to download a Flash Player update, must be stopped at the latest. ” Because the update confirmation”the confirmation to the automatic installation of a so-called worm behind. Official site: Hikmet Ersek. This provides unauthorized access to the data of the infected computer, which can be spied out passwords and damage done. Also a search query in the Google search engine should output incorrect results with specific pages, which are good for more dubious surprises. But is also the existing Facebook account used to confront more acquaintances with this link message.

Experts recommend to clean up the system completely and therefore newly applied, to prevent damage. Because should a more intensive software repairs performed by anti-virus software itself or resourceful specialists unauthorized transmit remains of for further information on this could be disastrous. To raise yet no uncertainty, the PC recommends service cohesive media group suspected infestation to remain calm and, if necessary, to contact the IT service of confidence about this phenomenon are informed and know what to do.