10 Tips – How To Increase Sales

1. All blueprints for clients with every manager . A related site: Macy’s Inc. mentions similar findings. But that's not all. We must determine the likelihood of the transaction. Each probability corresponds to a coefficient, which multiplies the amount of the transaction for Accounting sales forecast. For example, we divide all the expected payments into three types: "guaranteed", "probable" and "unlikely." "Guaranteed" payments are accepted for prediction with a coefficient 1: they will do almost certain. "Probable" payments are accepted for prediction by a factor of 0.6: the probability of their income is greater than 50%, but far from 100%.

"Unlikely" to accept payments forecast by a factor of 0.1: we almost do not expect that this money we will receive. 3. We summarize the turnover of the proposed transaction, weighted by probabilities. Separately, take the sum of expected transactions for the current month (X), for the next upcoming month (X +1) and one month, the next (X +2). Now we can calculate Sales forecast in terms of total turnover. This calculation can be done as an individual sales person, and for the entire sales department. We obtain three final numbers: o Sales forecast for the current month, which is equal turnover actually received since the beginning of the month, and sales forecast for the transactions is expected before the end of the month.

o Forecast sales for the month following the current – (current month + 1). o Forecast sales (current month + 2). 4. Usually all this data in the driving Excel-spreadsheet-native. It made separate pages for each month, the blocks on each of your employees. And paste formulas, automatically taking into account the likelihood of payments and issuing final forecasts. Overall and for each employee separately. 5. Essentially do two things. Firstly, to gather and drive in the Excel-spreadsheet-native raw data. Second, develop a staff unconditioned reflex: they must take into account all the intermediate results work with clients to change the forecast. For example, when discussing a contract for a merchant site to convince customers of the need to promote your site on the Internet. For himself, he should immediately assess how the change sales forecast. What additional amount will have to pay the client for the promotion? For example, $ 5000. How to change the prognosis? If the deal is "likely" forecast to increase by $ 5000 x 0,6 = $ 3000. 6. Now for the summary data sales forecast can be controlled course of commercial activities. Not our totals, but they change from day to day. if sales forecast unchanged with the past – means, Commercial work was carried out. It's even worse than if the forecast decreased. Decrease in the forecast means that some have tried to doge the deal – and they are flocking. But work is still carried out. A permanent projection means is that nobody did anything. Here is the time to answer a few issues that interest the majority of those planning to use a sales forecast.